Create 2022.3.1 & 2022.3.0 crash on launch Windows 11 Pro, RTX3090


Omniverse Create (2022.3.1) is crashing on launch. The only way I can get it back is to reboot my computer.

If I reboot, I’m able to launch Create but if I exit out of Create and attempt to re-launch it a second time it crashes.

All subsequent launches crash.

I’ve tested this with 2022.3.1 and 2022.3.0 and both exhibit the same behavior.

I am running Windows 11 Pro on an AMD Ryzen (24 core) with 128GB of RAM and (3) RTX-3090 GPUs.

Any thoughts, suggestions, or advice would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Hi George
It sounds like you are getting GPU hardware issues when trying to run Create.

  1. The first thing that I want you to try, is disabling GPU 2 and GPU 3 from the Device Manager and trying everything again from just your main GPU card. This will quickly determine if the issue is related to running more than one card, which we call MPGU.

  2. make sure you are running the latest Geforce Drivers.

  3. Quit all Omniverse software, launchers, monitors etc and then go to C:\users\USER\AppData\Local\ov" folder and just DELETE both the “Cache” and the “Data” folder