Create 2022.3.3 cannot duplicate anything anymore

Hi Omniverse team,

Just updated to Create 2022.3.3 from 2022.3.0, now when I try to duplicate lights/assets using both the ctrl+D shortcut and even through the edit menu/right click duplicate, nothing happens. Thank you.

HI David
I just tried to reproduce this on several machines with 2022.3.3 and it did duplicate fine, both ways. I am not sure why you cannot do it. May I suggest you try closing down OV launcher and listeners and Create, and then go to your c:/users/USER/appdata/local/ov folder and delete the ‘data’ and ‘cache’ folder. Then restart the computer and try again.

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Hi @Richard3D ,

Thanks for the quick reply, did the deletion of data and cache folder and it’s working fine now. Thank you.

Great I am so happy about that

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