Create a ML image denoiser for Health Care field

Hello, I did the lab called “Rendered Image Denoising using Autoencoders” and I would like to solve some questions, if is possible:

  1. In this lab, can I create my own denoiser with my own images or I have to use OptiX SDK? I can´t upload more than 1 images (and I didn’t find reference to create images in RGB, Albedo and Normal channels, and how to convert the images to array numpy (call the function in python)).

  2. Is it possible to create a denoiser using NVIDIA cloud solution or I have to use a NVIDIA video device to perform the trainings?

  3. The RBG, Albedo and Normal channels image were gererated manually or by some other function in the lab?

  4. The image conversion process from PNG to array numpy is done by the training algorithm or I have to call it by function commands in the jupyter notebook?

  5. How is the best way to get this kind of support? I tried contact in the course discussion, but no success.

Thank you. Best regards.