Create a paralle robot

I want to create a paralle in isaac sim,i follow the guide in " Rigging a Robot — Omniverse Robotics documentation (",but i failed.Can someone give me a file that succeed,thank you very much.

@2934661830 can you please provide more details on what failed?

Sorry,I decided to take another try today,can you give a file that above demo provided?I think it will be helpful.

The article was intended to walk users through adding physics to CAD files. It would help us understand what was confusing in that guide if we knew a bit more about the failures you’re running into. Otherwise, you and others wouldn’t be able to rig new robots properly.

I just create a delta robot in isaac sim,and it works well,thank you.

Hello,I publish a question but dont get a answer,because it is urgent ,can you help me ?
Thank you very much ,the questin name is " Robot combination in isaac sim"