Create a Public URL for Chat with RTX for more than 72hours?

Followed this handy guide

Turned on the flag share=True,

to create a public link. Combined url+session cookie. Demo is up and running. Is there a way to make this permanent as long as the Chat RTX on the host computer is active?

The cmd log says there’s a way with gradio app deploy which whenever I run takes me to a hugging spaces login. I do have a hugging face account and a created a write key to log in.

What do I do after that? Anyone happen to have a guide?

(Chat with RTX Easy Guide: Running on LAN & Making It Public (72h))
Copied from sergebertrand921 post from the link above

In addition:
How to set static port on“port”/?__theme=dark

Edit \AppData\Local\NVIDIA\ChatWithRTX\RAG\trt-llm-rag-windows-main\ui\
Choose your port and simply repeat it like in exemple bellow

    port = random.randint(26900, 26900)

it will give you a static port 4

Yep already created a static port and public link. What I’m asking though is how to create a permanent one that lasts more than 72 hours default.

Subline seems to suggest that it’s possible to host on hugging spaces but I’ve yet to find a guide.

Ok sorry I thought that was a permanent link.