Create Buffer in Customise Plugin for Sharing Data between Frames

I’m developing a custom plugin using DeepStream 4.0.2.

In Implementing a Custom GStreamer Plugin example,

batch_meta = gst_buffer_get_nvds_batch_meta (inbuf);

is used to retrive metadata from GstBuffer. As my understanding, the batch_meta retrieved here only contain metadata of frames in current batch.

In my use case, the algorithm takes bounding boxes from current frame as well as past few frames as input, to determine whether the bounding box is stable. May I know if there is any method to create a buffer that share between all the frames of one video sources, or to retrieve metadata for previous frames?

We don’t have existing code for this usecase. You may utilize dsexample plugin and create static NvDsBatchMeta to store medata of previous frames.

You can put it in gstdsexample.cpp.