Create Crashes Marble Xmesh is instanceble and you hit play in Physics mode

When I hit the Play button in the marbles scene - Then Physics scene the when I make the A_marble_backup instancable, then when i hit play, create crashes. The only thing I can do is unset the instacable property to get it play without crashing

could it be, that on the mesh that suppose to be instanced you had RigidBodyAPI? This is not allowed, as one cant modify the instances.
It should however not crash, will look at why it was crashing and fix it.
If you need instancable physics, the meshes can be instanced, but only CollisionAPI can be applied to them. This will share the geometry for physics, but the RigidBodyAPI has to be applied to the xform that sets the instance in the stage.

Could you please attach the usd file for the simple crash case with the A_marble_backup here?


Hello Ales
Yes it has ridgid body and a collider

Thank you for your explanation, the reason I tried to make it instanceable is to make multiple copies duplicates of it which does not work when not instantiable, but then i found another solution, just drag other copies from contect into the project gives me also more marbles

here is the USD File

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Marbles01.usd (353 KB)

Thanks, I did confirmed that its fixed in the upcoming version. There is a warning about the RigidBodyAPI being applied to an instancable object.