Create doesn't memorise screen on multi monitor setup

When I launch Create it always starts on the left screen, I use 3 monitors and close the app on the 2nd but it always starts on the left screen is there a way to make this work correctly ?



Hello @HansVanEven! Have you tried saving the layout? I only have 1 monitor so I am not able to test it out myself. Let me know if this helped or if I need to let the dev team know that this feature needs to be added.

Thanks Wendy, I already tried that but the app doesn’t seem to memorise screen after doing this. I also reported this in Omniverse Help Center, thanks for your help.

Ok! Thanks for letting me know. I will make a feature request for this. I am linking your post here into the ticket: Is there a way to use tabs (materials etc) outside the Create window for use on multi monitor setup?

You can vote for this feature here: Save Layout for Multiple Monitor layouts

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(A development ticket was generated from this forum post: OM-54913: Save Layout for Multiple Monitor Layouts)

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Also @HansVanEven! All forum posts go to the Omniverse Help Center so you don’t have to file your issue multiple times :D

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Thanks so much Wendy, oh and sorry I thought I had to post it there too, that’s perfect then, sorry for the double poste there :)