Create: Error saving layers because of permissions

Error saving layers because of permissions
Keeps coming up when trying to save file?

2023-05-22 16:37:05 [Error] [omni.usd] ERROR! Failed to save layer omniverse://localhost/Projects/Ballina-St-project/Ballina_St_-_Apartment.usdz due to permission issue.

Looks like a .usdz file type issue!!
Why are there letter extension like a and z on .usd files??

usdz is a zipped usd file. Assets downloaded from sketchfab will often be in this format. Although the file can be opened and displayed you can’t make modifications inside the zip file. You can resave the file as a usd and reopen it or go into your file browser and unzip the usdz into a folder you can read and write from before opening it up in Omniverse.

Essentially the usd is contained in a zip file and it won’t let you make edits to the content inside a zip. You can read up on USDZ here: Usdz File Format Specification — Universal Scene Description 23.05 documentation (