Create multi viewport cause assert

Hi all
I found if I create 4 viewport and set active camera in a loop, it seems cause resource issue
If I create 2 viewport in a loop, it runs ok
I guess I need some method to wait viewport setup finish before create other viewport, but I can’t find any api to do this
My questions as below
1.Does OV can notice me while viewport setup finish?
2.Which api to do this?

Assert log
w:\17929e12b58d8c2\rendering\source\plugins\rtx.resourcemanager\context.cpp(4341): enum rtx::RtxResult __cdecl rtx::resourcemanager::Context::allocateDescriptorSets(struct carb::graphics::ResourceBindingSignature *,unsigned int,unsigned int,struct carb::graphics::DescriptorSet **,struct carb::graphics::DescriptorPool **,unsigned int *,unsigned __int64,unsigned int)(): Assertion (success) failed: Unable to allocate descriptor sets.

Hello @user76666! Let me see if I can get a developer to help you with this. Could you attached a copy of your full logs from C:\Users\<USERNAME>\.nvidia-omniverse\logs\Kit\Create it might have more insight into why this issue is happening.

kit_20220315_092959.log (2.0 MB)