Create Node graph didn't work

How to use shader graph.
btw,when nvidia can public some tutorial for MDL.

Currently we do not have an MDL shader graph. You can use Substance Designer to develop your own MDL shaders which does have a nice mdl graph editor. There are some technical hiccups you may find, but it does work and is the way I develop my MDLs. I plan to make a tutorial once a few additional bugs are fixed from the workflow.

As for MDL tutorials we have a few already here:[]=event%20session&page=1&q=mdl&sort=date

If not what you are looking for, maybe you can explain what you need in a tutorial?

Hi pkind:

In my opition, MDL editing dosn’t look like traditional artist work way, So sometime It will make some people confuse about how to custon some feature for Artistic effect. and also, Substance Designer gragh have many bugs like : sometime iray render bug (render cache didnt refresh), or type error (connecting line will be red).
I have use omniverse kit from alpha versions, for me, i think the hardest part is MDL build.
USD had full document can be refrence, but MDL can’t clearly help me build some shader, when i try to build some custon shader, it usrelly took me a week, i know MDL was physics and advance, but at this moment, it something we need.
As a render, USD part is base but not the most important thing for render, the shader is core. because every compony has there own usd pipline and td, so for most usd user ,how to use usd is not a qustion, but how to build mdl shader is a hard qustions, and also omniPBR is awesome but not enough for every project.
I know Omniverse know just beta, but some of my friend give up this render because the learning curve so hard.

Finally I think if mdl format can be load in some graph editor like substance designer, it will be big help for self learning how to build user cunston feature, not just force people looking code to learn mdl, i think if this way can work, we can learn mdl through Vmaterials (those material is nice)

from china

My render
My render2

Hi @Jiucao
MDL graph editing is eomething we recognize as an important workflow. We’re working on an graph editor for Create and hope to release in the near future. In the mean time, a wide range of MDLs are available on the NVIDIA/Materials mount through your Local Nucleus Collarboration Service. You can also author custom MDLs either by hand or with Substance Designer. Thank you for being a part of this process. There’s a lot we need to build and your feedback is important to us.


Hi frank:

I had worked with ecoplants, its was eraly aplha test compony.
Since i join ecoplants, my main job was learn how to use omniverse.
I collect many bug and advice for omniverse, and design a livelink with substance painter and mdl
but in fact, substance designer was bed for design a mdl shader even it has a nice gragh.
the most confuse part was, substance has mult option for some node like texture2D or filetexture node, some of node didn’t work with omniverse kit (now call create), and sometime Substance designer appear wrong cannect line( it is worked).

When i work with alpha i hear eric say he wanna us submit bug to someting like github ( i forget name)
but i think if i can get nvidia omniverse email for submit bug list , it will help nvidia and me provide this render app .


Hi @Jiucao,

We would love to get your feedback and ideas on the subject! Inside Create, you can go to the help menu and select “provide feedback” to launch your email editor with our contact automatically added. The address to send info to is

You can always get more info on NVIDIA Omniverse Documentation
and videos on NV On-demand where we will be adding new content weekly.

Looking forward to your feedback, thanks!