Create not rendering images to an Omniverse Server

Hello All,

My teammate and I were trying to export some images out of Omnvierse today for testing and noticed that we couldn’t export them to our Omniverse Servers. The image shows the error. Is this a known issue or something we missed during the server setup?

P.S. If I export this to my local Drive, it works fine!!

Tanay Dimri

Hello Tanay,
that is definitely a bug which our tests did not catch. We will get a fix in ASAP, hopefully that will be fixed in the next release

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Hi Tanay,
Thanks for reporting this issue and sorry for the inconvenience. It’s expected to export images to local disk. We don’t handle the case of exporting to a server url and do not test this case unfortunately. Eoin has helped create a bug for it and I will follow this issue in the bug to think about how we can support it.

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