Create Pattern Projector in Replicator


I tried to create a pattern projector by building a rectangular light (which works fine, and the texture.png is loaded), but when I want to set the “.isProjector” Boolean to “True” nothing happens, I don’t get an error message either. Is there a possibility to either set the value to True while creating or another way. Or can you check my function to see if I did something wrong?

def pattern_projector(self,pattern):
        #pattern in "name.png" format
        prim_path = "/Replicator/Projector_Xform/Projector"
        pos_off_proj = np.asarray([0.0115,0,0])
                light_type = "Rect",
                temperature = 6500,
                intensity = 2,     
                position = self.pos_center[0]+pos_off_proj,
                rotation = self.pos_center[1][1:],
                scale = 1,
                texture = self.base_path + "Pattern_Projector/" + pattern,
                name = "Projector",
            prop_path=Sdf.Path(prim_path + ".isProjector"),

Also another question: Is it possible to set the prim path in the creation process? I want to change it to another path.