Create saving laryes

When I save the project,Create is stuck at this step,saving laryes…what should I do?

Hi @276146038 - I’ve seen this behavior but it’s generally limited to the first save for that particular file. It can take a while to save but will eventually finish. Some questions I have are:

Is this the first save or perpetual issue per save?
How long did you let it try to save?
Are you on the latest release of Nucleus/Create?
Are you saving to Nucleus or local disk? If Nucleus, Workstation (Windows) or Docker (Linux?)
How large is your dataset?
Are you using multiple layers?
Can you share the your log file and usd you’re experiencing issues with?

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As you said, it is true that the first save time will be very long, the second save is very fast, I save in the local folder. Thank you for your help.

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