Create Tablet AR

I have not been able to get my iPad to work with OV XR. It worked with Create 2021 using Tablet AR. I noticed that there is a create extension “Tablet AR” and though I might have better luck with it. Create 2022.1.2 with latest Tablet AR extension.
Couple of potential issues. In yellow in the viewport “XR Display is turned off”. This never changes. The cloud server info: IP Address seems reasonable for my network.
When I click start Tablet AR the Viewport display changes and says “Entering Tablet AR mode” , but the “XR display is turned off” is still there. I open the ipad app and when I click the grid to place the object, the ipad freezes, but eventually times out and goes back to home screen with connect button.
Any suggestions? I have a 3090 driver 512.15 DCH Windows 10 pro

Brad Carvey

My issues are due to company restrictions. I tried this on a personal computer and it just works. Nothing confusing. Nothing to setup. Just enter the ip address, on your iPad app, that shows up when you start AR Tablet.

I am facing similar issues. @bjcarve Did XR Display got turned on automatically on your personal computer?

The scene detects camera orientation from ipad but doesnt render any object on ipad.

@mayurmmistry7 Not sure what you mean.

I assume you mean after enabling Tablet AR does the Viewport show the AR view. I believe it turns on immediately, even before the iPad is connected. The Viewport/AR view does not update it’s position till the iPad is connected, then the view is updated by the movement of the iPad.

In Create, I have a tab for Tablet AR. On that panel I have to enable Tablet AR and use the IP Address on the panel to set the wireless link address on the iPad application.

In OV XR, I have to click the AR button to access the Tablet AR panel.

When I have time I will investigate the issues with my companies security settings and have changes made if possible.

Brad Carvey

Hi, is there a solution to the AR Tablet streaming? I’m having same issue with trying to get a connection. When I enable AR mode and try to connect on ipad, grid appears on ipad, it then freezes and doesn’t show object.

Hi Xrcreative,

When grid appears on ipad, you need use your finger to click ipad screen one time. This is a tip, Please have a try.

Hi, I tried this tip, ipad freezes for minute and the AR tablet on omniverse stops, so I don’t get any display on ipad

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Yes. Same problem as others. I spent a fair bit of time on my firewall making sure that app connection should work. I followed all the instructions for setting up tablet AR. It freezes after tapping on the grid & after about 7 seconds resets back to the launch screen. I’m using create app.

Actually. I ended up resolving my issues. I checked the Windows IP address… and changed the IP address for the Client to that. Which was the WIFI IP address. That fix the problem and my streaming client is not working!