Create Tablet AR

I have not been able to get my iPad to work with OV XR. It worked with Create 2021 using Tablet AR. I noticed that there is a create extension “Tablet AR” and though I might have better luck with it. Create 2022.1.2 with latest Tablet AR extension.
Couple of potential issues. In yellow in the viewport “XR Display is turned off”. This never changes. The cloud server info: IP Address seems reasonable for my network.
When I click start Tablet AR the Viewport display changes and says “Entering Tablet AR mode” , but the “XR display is turned off” is still there. I open the ipad app and when I click the grid to place the object, the ipad freezes, but eventually times out and goes back to home screen with connect button.
Any suggestions? I have a 3090 driver 512.15 DCH Windows 10 pro

Brad Carvey