CREATE_TIS fails with syndrome 0x6a6678 in firmware 14.25.1020 on OpenBSD

Using the connectx-4 ethernet driver for OpenBSD (which I wrote), CREATE_TIS operations fail with syndrome 0x6a6678 after updating to firmware 14.25.1020. Other operations that are part of bringing the network interface up (CREATE_TIR, for instance) still work. The user who first reported this confirms that after downgrading to an older firmware version, the driver works again.

I’ve compared the CREATE_TIS command my driver creates with what the linux driver sends, and I can’t see any differences aside from the buffer addresses. It doesn’t seem to matter what I put in the input buffer, or if the input buffer is correctly sized, I always get the same syndrome code back.

I have no information about what this syndrome code means. I’m guessing it may mean the controller has run out of host memory, but I haven’t seen a page request event generated. I’m running out of ideas. Is there any information about this syndrome code available?

Hi Jonathan,

After reviewing the above information, i suggest to open a support ticket at

in order to gather more information for deep debug in the firmware level.