Create version 2021.3.7

I had installed and working in latest version 2021.3.7. then it would not open, switch back to version 2021.3.6 works fine. Uninstalled and would not install, error message

Error occurred during installation of Create: ENOENT: no such file or directory, symlink


hello @fsheng21 -
I think i have reproduced your issue. Will be working on a solution to get you back to 2021.3.7

hello @fsheng21
Looking into an issue with the Launcher and uninstall. For the moment to get you up and running with Create 2021.3.7

  • in the launcher, please uninstall all versions of Create. do this first and make sure Launcher-> Library Tab has no references to Create

  • in windows, delete the following directories (if present)

  • in windows, delete the following (if present)

Note: In the above files in \deps\ i only used the first 4 digits of the name. These files have more digits and i just used … to denote this.

  • in laucher, install Create 2021.3.7

Please tell me if this works for you


Hi @mirice, Thanks for the reply
I had followed instructions, restart. Version 2021.3.7 launch but kick back to launch page.
after many tests. This issue was my solution.

  1. Main issue is the section cut extension, if it is enabled, it crashes. If autoload is selected, it crashes, and the program will not launch.
  2. when I try to install 2021.3.6, it provided an error.
  3. I installed version 2021.3.5 and the section cut was not enabled and not autoload. closed program.
  4. I then open version 2021.3.7 and use.
  5. I also uninstalled version 2021.3.5 and it still works.
  6. How can I fix the section cut extension.


@fsheng21 -
I see that your issue now is that the section tool extension causing Create to crash. I will inform development on this. At the moment I do not have a solution for this issue.

Thanks for the reply. I have it working version 2021.3.7. leaving the section tool for later.