Create Versions atfer 2022.1.5 My PS4 COntroler connected to my PC doesn't work for the perspective camera controle any more

Create Versions after 2022.1.5 al the way to 2022-2.2 Beta
My PS4 controller connected to my PC doesn’t work for the perspective camera control anymore.

Can this be fixed or do I now have to activate it as an extension or something ells?

Do you not see the “Gamepad Camera Control” in the settings drop down? I know it disappeared a couple versions ago but is back now.

Hi .

I can confirm that this option is not avalable.
In either Create 2022.2.1 or 2022.2.2
see photos below

Regards Ryno

It looks like it’s back in the next upcoming version so for now you can always launch an older installed version of Create to get the feature while you wait. We don’t have a release date for the the next update but in general we tend to release updates every few months.

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Ok thanks…

Thanks. This is now available again in Create 2022.3.0