Create vidio rendering(in mp4 format) couldn't display properly in most of video player

I’ve been rendering videos via Omniverse Create movie capture–In Mp4 format. And I find out that those videos don’t look right on some video players(Neither Quicktime player nor windows default video player, the length and the color wasn’t right, VCL works though), And when I try to do Postproduction on the video, it can’t be open properly by Adobe AE, PR, or Da Vince. This might relate to the video encoding/color profile issue. Any way to troubleshoot it?

I always use the image sequences in Premiere or in After effects.

Then I cut the videos a bit tighter and render out mp4.


Hello @yuanmiaomiao1994, I’ll reach out to the team for more help in answering your question. I will post back here when I hear back!

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Thanks for the tip, I’ll try it out.


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Thanks :)

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