Create VPN on the Jetson Nano, and the system will hang up and reboot

Hello, I have one issue about Jetson Nano.

We need VPN function for remote technology support, but it is cannot work on the Jetson Nano board.
Ubuntu version : Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS
JP version : JP4.3

I tested it on the computer with Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS, it was working.
I changed JP packet from JP4.3 to JP4.4, but it had the same issue.

Jetson Nano VPN configure step.docx (390.2 KB)
syslog.txt (1.1 MB)


We don’t officially VPN function on Nano. I can only let other forum users to share if there is any successful experience.

Also, system hang and reboot sounds like a kernel panic that may not be observed by syslog. You better using the serial console to check the log.

Also, please do not paste a log as image file. It is easier to check with text file.

Thank you for your reply.