Create2022.3.3 reports some errors on startup

When I start Create2022.3.3, some errors will appear on the console. I have configured proxy (–proxy-server) in the launcher. When I import USD from Unity and open it with create, a similar error will appear.Is this a network problem? How to solve it, thank you!

Does Create need to be connected to the Internet to download some content after launching? How do I configure the proxy for these apps?

OS: Windows, Version: 10.0 (21H2), Build: 19044
CPU: 11th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i9-11900K @ 3.50GHz
Driver Version: 528.49
Memory : 64G

kit_20230403_090719.log (979.3 KB)

Hi and thanks for posting. Yes, Create needs a good strong live connection to the internet. Specifically at this time we are storing a large number of library assets on the Amazon S3 servers. Blocking access to these will result in errors and loss of functionality. Any particular reason you are using a proxy server ?

Thanks for the reply, my computer network at work has limited, so I need to use a proxy to access the internet.