CreateThread: No such file or directory


I have a sudden problem with an OpenMP parallelized Fortran code, that worked fine just a few months ago. No changes have been made to the code, but PVF has been updated a few minor versions.

On certain machines I get the error message “CreateThread: No such file or directory” and the code crashes. It happens just as I enter the first parallel region. I also have Intel parallel studio installed on the machine where I get the crash, so I suspect this could be due to different versions of openMP runtime dll’s or something similar?

Thank you in advance,


Hi Casper,

I’ve asked around but no one has seen this error before. Can you give us more details? Exactly which OS versions are being used, build system, run system, etc? Do you have a reproducing example you can send? What versions of PVF worked and which didn’t work?