Creating 2 interfaces on one networkcard

I have Jetson nano (A02). I planned to have Wi-Fi connectivity. I need 2 network interfaces in a single wirless adapter . One is for AP/Adhoc network. Other one is for being a client to connect to my home router. So that I can set the SSID and password of home router in AP/Adhoc mode. Now I have ordered TP-Link Archer T2U Nano . Is it possible to create 2 interfaces with this device? IT’S BIT OF EMERGENCY. QUICK GUIDANCE IS MUCH HELPFUL.

I have not done this in many years, and a lot has changed, but the topic is that of “multi-homed” network cards. My experience was from so long ago it no longer applies, but see this Google search:

FYI, WiFi probably adds a lot of complication to that even if it is possible. I emphasize “if it is possible” because you’ve now added possible new requirements to radio hardware. Don’t know.

Thanks for this suggestion. I will check on that. But earlier I referred Software access point - ArchWiki .

How about switching between AP mode and client/STA mode very frequently ? Is there any issues?(I need STA mode only for transferring processed data once in a minute. Otherwise interface should work as AP ) Any suggestion considering power and frequent switching

I’m the wrong guy to ask about wireless. Someone more familiar with the Jetson’s WiFi hardware and software can probably answer that though.

Ok It’s fine…

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