Creating a CaptureSession object using IP Camera

Hi All,
I am trying to control an IP camera and retrieve frames from it using the Argus library by Nvidia on my Jetson Xavier Nx. Currently. I am trying to link up the camera using CameraDevice to create a Capture session. Any pointers are appreciated. Thank you

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please see-also Jetson Nano FAQ for the steps of running RTSP streaming.

I guess my question is that in the Argus library’s SyncSensor example, the following lines of code are used to a CaptureSession object:

// Create the capture session, AutoControl will be based on what the 1st device sees.
    UniqueObj<CaptureSession> captureSession(iCameraProvider->createCaptureSession(lrCameras));
    ICaptureSession *iCaptureSession = interface_cast<ICaptureSession>(captureSession);
    if (!iCaptureSession)
        ORIGINATE_ERROR("Failed to get capture session interface");

My question is that how can one send an RTSP stream to this object? Or, can the object recognize an RTSP video sequence on its own?

Also, just to confirm, does the libargus API only work with CSI cameras?

you may do RTSP stream with CSI camera, please see-also Topic 164880 for sample pipelines.

Hi JerryChang,
I am not using a CSI camera, I am using an ethernet camera. Thus, the camera frames are coming in via the ethernet board on the Jetson Xavier NX. Thanks

here’re some discussion threads for your reference,

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