Creating a child interface on windows 2008.

I am trying to implement partitions in my IB fabric. I have the partitions created on my sx6012 which is my SM. I have my windows boxes going to 6036s and those are plugged into the 6012. I was hoping that I just needed to add the 6036s to the partitions and all would be well. It looks like I need to added the 2008 boxes to the partitions and create child interfaces with the correct PKeys on the 2008 boxes.

Does anybody have the syntax or the commands to do this? I’ve looked at some documentation, but haven’t much luck.

Looks like I made a rookie mistake. I was running winOF 4.70. The release notes state that partitions on not supported on ipoib. That is why I was not getting prompted for Pkeys.

When you are running 4.80 or higher; you will be prompted for Pkeys.

Hi Chase,

Glad it worked for you.

Regarding the question creating child interfaces here is the command to do that:

part_man is used to add/remove/show virtual IPoIB ports. Each Mellanox IPoIB port can have multiple virtual IPoIB ports, which can use the default PKey value (0xffff) or a non-default value

supplied by the user.

 Usage

•-v: Increases verbosity level.

•show: Shows the currently configured virtual ipoib ports, along with PKey info.

•add: Adds new virtual IPoIB port. Where add should be used with interface name, as it appears in Network connection in the control panel.

•[“Local area connection #”] parameter is the interface name from the Network section of Control Panel.

•[name] parameter: Any printable name without quotation marks (“ ”), commas, and starting with i.

•rem: Removes existing virtual IPoIB port. Get the port info with the ‘show’ command to pass as parameters. (Note: for interfaces using default PKey, the [pkey] parameter can be excluded).

•remall: Removes all virtual IPoIB ports.


Adding and removing virtual port with default PKey:

part_man add “Ethernet 4” ipoib_4_1


part_man show

Ethernet 6 ipoib_4_1 FFFF

part_man rem “Ethernet 6” ipoib_4_1


Adding and removing virtual port with non-default PKey:

part_man add “Ethernet 5” ipoib_5_1 7123


part_man add “Ethernet 5” ipoib_5_1 F123


part_man show

Ethernet 7 ipoib_5_1 F123

part_man rem “Ethernet 7” ipoib_5_1 F123


Adding a partial membership PKey value with the upper bit turned off:

part_man add “Ethernet 5” ipoib_5_1 7123


The new port will use the partial PKey only in absence of a full membership PKey of the same value (0xf123 for the example above) in the OpenSM configuration. Otherwise the full membership

PKey will be chosen.

Note: Make sure that the PKeys used in the part_man commands are supported by the OpenSM running on this port and the membership type of them is consistent to the one defined by OpenSM. If the PKeys are not supported the new vIPoIB port will stay in a disconnected state until the configuration is fixed.