Creating a Connector Using Python

Hi everyone,
I’m Vahid. I’m pretty new to Omniverse.

I want to create a simple connector for Omniverse using Python.
I couldn’t find a tutorial or documentation on how to do that (I could only find a c++ one).

Is there any similar tutorial or documentation for Python as well?


Hi @v.abasian44. If you download the Connect Samples from the Omniverse Launcher, you’ll find a Python sample along with others in its install location. Lou shows how to find it here: Creating an Omniverse USD App from the Connect Sample - YouTube

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Hi, thanks for your response.
I’ve downloaded the sample. But I do not know how to use it to connect to the Omniverse.
Is there any tutorial or documentation that walks through the python sample to do a very simple task (something like a HelloWorld code)?