Creating a custom Jetson image

Hi all,
We have been using a Jetson Xavier NX official image which had been was modified after extracting it from the Jetson board.
Most of the modifications are basically things like editing rootfs to avoid the Jetson login screen, removing custom resolution and general system configuration which are mandatory for proper runtime.
The time has come to upgrade to Jetpack 5, along with creating a robust solution to build a custom Jetpack image.
I am facing a dilemma on what approach should be take with this task -

  1. Maintain the current script along with all the ‘dirty’ modifications and simply pulling Jetpack 5 instead of 4.6. This overall approach does not feel very proof to changes. What happens if Jetpack 5 changes the entire file struct?
  2. Create an image using Yocto (I am not familiar with Yocto at all) with meta-tegra. I did try this a bit and it looks like qemu for meta-tegra is missing which is going to complicated things (from first glance).
  3. Create an image from scratch using build root - The Buildroot user manual.

I could not find any official documentations about this topic so I might be missing. How does it make sense companies which use Jetsons do not modify the official Jetson image? Shouldn’t it be a fundamental approach?


here’s developer guide, BSP Customization.

Thanks for the answer.
I find this guide to offer very limited customization. I would like to edit the entire rootfs, editing things like output resolution, boot logo and so on.

hello shauli.arazi,

here’re external wiki pages for creating a customize rootfs,
please refer to…
Jetson/TX1 Sample Root Filesystem -, or, GitHub - Abaco-Systems/jetson-tx2-sample-filesystems: Alternative Jetson Tegra TX file systems.

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