Creating AWS IAM configuration (NICE DCV) - can't connect to instance [solved]

VR developer, totally new to AWS so please be gentle with me!

I’m following the YouTube walkthrough ‘How to Launch an NVIDIA CloudXR Amazon Machine Image from the AWS Marketplace’ How to Launch an NVIDIA CloudXR Amazon Machine Image from the AWS Marketplace - YouTube

I’ve followed the instructions as best I can but when I enter my public IP and port (e.g. I just get “This site can’t be reached. … took too long to respond” in the browser.

The instance state is shown as running in the EC2 console.

I was able to follow all the instructions as per the video. I created the Security Group by clicking “Create New Based On Seller Settings” and kept all the rules to (Anywhere).

The only problem I had was assigning an IAM Role. The video shows a ready made option called DCV_S3_ReadOnly which wasn’t there as an option for me, so I clicked 'Create new IAM role and then searched for DCV_S3_ReadOnly but couldn’t find it (or anything mentioning DCV). After a bit of Googling I guessed that the closest available policy might be ‘AmazonS3ReadOnlyAccess’. I created a profile from that and assigned it to my instance.

  • not sure if that’s where I’ve gone wrong?

I’d be very grateful for any help or advice in debugging this and trying to work out where I’ve gone wrong. I’m excited to give CloudXR a go but feel as if I’ve fallen at the first hurdle.

I’ve found the text version of the CloudXR on AWS Quick Start Guide, which helps explain where I may be going wrong.

“IAM roles are not created or assigned during the marketplace launch process. After the marketplace instance is deployed, you must assign an IAM role with an S3 read-only policy to the EC2 instance to validate the NICE DCV license.”

I’ve tried to make sense of the NICE DCV documentation ( but can’t see how to create the appropriate AWS IAM configuration.

Can anyone walk me through the process?

Ok, found this video on setting up Nice DCV on AWS which includes a helpful walkthrough of the licensing process: NICE DCV on AWS Tutorial | Cloud Gaming - YouTube
It’s surprisingly easy once you know how (not sure why this wasn’t added to the Start Guide).
Essentially you just go to Licensing the NICE DCV Server - NICE DCV and copy the json snippet for NICE DCV on Amazon EC2 then use that to create the Policy. Once the policy is created you can select it when creating a new role (see the video above for full details)

The final gotcha was that I had to explicitly type in https:// when trying to connect to the instance in my web browser. Just entering the IP and port number still gave me the ‘can’t connect’ message. After expliciclt typing https I wa given a warning that this site was not secure. Go into Advance and accept anyway. Bingo, the DCV login page appeared.

As a bonus, for anyone who, like me, created the key pair in the wrong format (.ppk instead of .pem)
Here’s how to convert from one to the other: How do I convert ssh .pem key files into .ppk key files and vice versa? - YouTube

Hi Jerome – Glad you made it through and yes generic S3 read access is all that’s needed for DCV to properly license. We exclude these specific steps because they’re entirely based on AWS and do change very quickly as they update their service. Feel free to reach out with any other questions!

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