Creating custom disk image for Jetson AGX Xavier

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I’m looking at automating Jetson AWX Xavier image creation in a CI pipeline. Building the image must be done on virtualized Gitlab runner, not on the target machine.
I have a few questions :

  • As L4T is a derivative of Ubuntu, can a Jetson AWX Xavier image be build from a standard Ubuntu server image (20.04 for example), on top of which will be installed the plateform-related components (drivers, libraries, etc)
  • If not possible to start from a Ubuntu Server image, I learn the existence of but it seems to support only jetson-xavier-nx-devkit, and not Jetson AGX Xavier : is there a tool to generate a disk image for the Jetson AGX Xavier and apply custom script?

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Disk image?

AGX Xavier do not support to boot from SD card, only the Xavier NX devkit can support it.

Hi kayccc,

There might be confusion : when I talk about dsk image, I do not restrein to SD flashing method.
My question is about generating a Disk Image for the Jetson AGX Xavier, whatever the way I install/flash it on the device
(question about installation method could be discussin another topic)

If you have an AGX, and if you flash it once, the image flashed will remain on the host PC as:

  • Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader/system.img.raw” (raw form, an exact match of the partition)
  • Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader/system.img” (sparse form, smaller, but not as useful other than flashing)

If you have an AGX, then you can also clone this and get both a raw and sparse image from the clone. This is preferable because the system can first be updated or customized prior to creating the loopback mountable raw clone image.

If you don’t have an AGX, then I don’t know for sure if there is a way to run the script to create system.img.raw, but possibly there is (I don’t know though how to make attempt to create an image if no Jetson is attached on USB in recovery mode).

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