Creating custom semantics id from prim paths

Hello ,
I have two questions for which I am searching answers:

  1. I am using Omni Isaac Camera sensor class and I want to get the semantics mask of the arm viewed from the camera.
    The Camera class does create the ‘Semantic_segmentation’ annotator like (Annotators Information — Omniverse Extensions latest documentation) but I am not sure how to add semantics to this annotator. What Ideally I want is to get give the prim_paths and make labels from it.

  2. In the Isaac Sim GUI, I do get the ‘Instanceid_Segmentation’ data (seg.png) under Sensor Outputs in Visualize(Visualizing Semantic Data — Omniverse Extensions latest documentation). Is there any way I can retrieve this image in the code?


Hi @khalid.asmaa37

Please see this page for info on how to apply semantic labels to prims in the scene:
Adding Semantics to a Scene — Omniverse Extensions latest documentation (

Once you have some semantic labels applied to prims in your scene, all you need to do, is make sure you use the semantic segmentation annotator in basic writer to get colored labeled outputs.
Annotators Information — Omniverse Extensions latest documentation (

Let me know if you still have issues after trying those suggestions out.