Creating EGLImageKHR image from render buffer


I have a jetson xavier nx platform and currently trying to create EGLImageKHR image from render buffer on a qml application to move a qml application user interface from one device to another device. I tried to use GLES/gl2.h and GLES/gl2ext.h api instead of QOpenGLFunctions.

I succesfully created EGLImageKHR image from EGL_GL_RENDERBUFFER_KHR and just wanted to check the image if it is correct or not before sending it to another device . When I try to create some png image from EGLImageKHR image I see incorrect png as in the attachment.

Also I added implementation to create EGLImageKHR image and png creation part from the image.

wl_egl.h (947 Bytes) wl_egl.cpp (9.7 KB) main.qml (3.1 KB) main.cpp (3.2 KB) gluu

Could you please give me some idea to see what I am missing ?