Creating new project?

Was building a new project using VS2008 and pgivfx64-vs2008-1210.exe and trying to save it.

The manual appears a little out of date.
It says when I create the project (console app - 64bit), I can name it and select the location to save it (step 5 page 12). I can name it but the option of where to save it does not appear. I see the default location in the property page window but don’t seem to have access to modify it.
The chance to save the project does not seem occur till I try to “Save all.” However then after selecting where to save, I get the message “The operation could not be completed. No such interface supported.”

Probably something I’m doing wrong, your help is appreciated.


Ralph, this sounds like a known issue. Please try the following:

From the Tools Menu, select Options…
Expand the “Projects and Solutions” category and select “General”
Check the “Save new projects when created” option on that page.

Then try to create a new project.

Thanks! That works fine.

A bug that stops you dead in the water.