Creating of Nano's working SD card image for backup and cloning

Flashing the image into the SD card, configuring the Nano system, creating a development environment/apps/etc - it took the whole day.

After installing everything used space on my 64GB sd card is 24GB. I would like now to have an option to create a compressed image of this working system which can be restored into the same SD card or a different SD card with the same or different size. As an example, if required, I want to have an option to restore the created image on 32GB, 64GB, or 128GB SD cards.

What are the options to accomplish the above requirement?


Hello @invisible

You can use image cloning softwares (like brasero), but I’ve not used it to work.

But if you have an NVIDIA SDK Manager installed PC.
Then, you can use this guide to clone and restore Jetson/Clone -