Creating very low-resolution modelines with the binary driver.

As the topic would suggest, how easy would it be to create extremely low-resolution mode lines with the nVidia proprietary driver (by “low”, I mean down to 15KHz horizontal scan on a compatible monitor). Even if I were to set the appropriate info for (horizontal scan ranges of 15.5-16.0 and 31-65, vertical refresh from 40-120), just how feasible would this be?

I remember doing this in the past but it was 5+ years ago and I’m not sure if it’s still supported. I know I needed custom modelines, and probably did need to set the horizontal and vertical refresh limits. If you want to have interlaced modes I think there is an interlaced flag you can add to the modeline (not sure if that is still supported by the driver either). GTF may or may not be able to create the modeline, but you might need to fiddle with HSync and VSync polarity depending on the monitor.