Creating Virtual Functions Inside a VM


I would like to ask if it is possible to create Virtual Functions inside of a VM. In our case we passthrough Bluefield into the VM then create Virtual Functions inside VM Host attach them into nested VMs. Below is a visual to describe our setup:

The problem is without passthrough we can observe sriov_numvfs under sys/class/net//device just fine however when it is passthrough to VM sriov_numvfs is not present inside VM.




  • Being able to see and change sriov_numvfs under sys/class/net//device


  • sriov_numvfs is not present when Bluefield is passthrough to VM Host but is present when it is in Main Host

Note : When we query mellanox config our VF creation is marked as next boot.

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You possible can do that just passthrough PF. But I am not tested before.

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