Creating YUV images from NvMediaImage

Hi, I would like to create YUV images to be streamed over ROS from the NvMediaImage. However, using the nvmedia_imgplay sample, I noticed that the YUV output was written to a file, but this was slightly different from creating a single YUV image with an NvMediaImage. Could I check if it is possible to create a single YUV image from the NvMediaImage obtained from a single frame rendered from the image decoder?

Thank you!

Dear hleong,

Please let me know what’s the source of those images – frames captured from GMSL camera, or H.264-encoded video from a file?
If the source is GMSL, please let me know which camera it is. Thanks.

Hi Steve,

the source of these images are GMSL cameras. the GMSL camera used is from Leopard imaging, ARO231.