Creo Connector has stopped working

Hi guys,

I have previously tested the PTC Creo connector with Omniverse successfully.

I have an Educational License of Creo and am now running Create 2022.2.1 Beta.

However now when publishing to Omniverse either via ‘Send to Omniverse’, ‘Publish Project’ or ‘Export as Prop’ the connector creates the required folders, a correctly named stub usd file and then hangs up converting the geometry as per the image below:

On importing the usd file the only error I get in the Create console is as below:

Any help gratefully appreciated

Cheers BobL.

Hello @robert.lloyd1! I’ve reached out to the dev team for more help with your question. I will post back as soon as I have more information!

Hello @robert.lloyd1! Have you tried any other Omniverse Applications like View? Also, I was informed that the educational version of Creo might be the reason. Could you attach a copy of your log files found here: C:\Users<USERNAME>\Documents\Omniverse<CONNECTORNAME> It might have some clues as to why this is happening.

Hi Wendy,

Many thanks for the quick reply.

Firstly I too thought that the PTC Creo Educational License might be the issue so when I first installed the Omniverse connector I tried a quick test project (publishing a simple block as a usd project) and it all worked fine.

Now I have started testing with real data however it no longer seems to work. In the meantime all I have upgraded is Omniverse Create, although there has been a Windows update too.

FYI I have now tried View as you suggest but unfortunately with the same results.

In addition I was concerned that the first real file I tested originated in SolidWorks and as such PTC Creo imports it as read only (although you can save it in other formats - hence me believing that the export should work).

To be sure therefore I saved the file in STEP format and tried exporting that through the connector. The attached zip file (no password) are the logs, etc. from this attempt - the connector seems to create the necessary usd files etc. but it seems the usd file has no geometry. I guess thats the ‘converting’ bit in my original image.

For a sanity check therefore I have imported the STEP file directly into Create with the IGES/STEP import extension and that works fine.

This leads me to believe the issue lies in the conversion to usd when it is called from within Creo if that helps.

Unfortunately the machine assembly file I have to import to create my Omniverse Stage is too large to sensibly convert to STEP as an intermediate format just so that I can get it into Omniverse Create.

I was hoping to use the connector to avoid this intermediate step and also to preserve some of the materials if possible. After this I was planning to use the ‘Data Adaptor Extension’ to reduce the items in the assembly directly within Omniverse Create but I can’t seem to find that extension now either!

If the I can’t get the connector working I will have to convert my assembly to STEP and do all my data reduction in PTC Creo before importing into my Omniverse Stage but I perceive this as a complex workflow and not one I really want to do as I feel it rather goes against the principles of Omniverse.

Having come from using other simulation tools I understand that preparing CAD models is an arduous but necessary task but I was hoping that Omniverse would streamline this workflow a little for me :- (

All help therefore greatfully received.

Many thanks.

Bob L. (9.4 KB)

Thank you, @robert.lloyd1! I’ve reached out to the dev team for further assistance. I’ll post back as soon as I have more information!

Hello @robert.lloyd1! I have another request from the dev team! Because you are using the Educational version, it will help them if you could send us your .asm and/or .prt files that you are importing into Omniverse. You can attach them here or email them to me at

Many thanks @WendyGram I have emailed you the results of my latest tests and associated test files. Really grateful for the support.

Hi Wendy, I have just got notification that this support request has changed status to ‘Done’.
I have received no answer from the Dev Team and the last note is from me answering the Dev Team’s request for more information and affected files, etc. Can you therefore please leave it open until the Dev Team respond. Thank you

hi there,

we are also having issues with using PTC Creo in Omniverse Create. We followed this steps but we couldnt get it done.
Has this issue already been fixed?
We have an Educational License of Creo and we are using Create 2022.03.0.

Thank you.