Critical Error - 3080 + 1070

I installed my 1070 so that it can drive my monitor and have the 3080 VRAM available solely for RTX task in OV Create, as I want to use OV for an upcoming competition that fits OV Create’s current feature set very well.

But, OV Create doesnt seem to want to work with a non-Ampere GPU installed in the system. I even went into GPU settings and disabled the usage of the 1070 for CUDA task.

I’m assuming this is not intentional, and can be corrected?

In the meantime, I’ll remove the 1070 as I need to start setting up the VFX and Materials for the shot(s).

Attached logs are from opening OV Create.kit_20210102_174032.log (211.7 KB)

Removing 1070 and OV Create starts up just fine.

Have you tried running the OmniCreateSingleGPU.bat file ? Omniverse wouldn’t work for me either using a 3070 + 1070 until I did that

C:\Omniverse\pkg\create 2020.3.1 is where I find these launcher variations.


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That was it. Thanks so much!

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