critical question

i working in one of biggest company in CT and MRI …??

i want know :
1-clara software will be on Separated computer from our basic software ?

or when ct scan is running clara computer will be connected to ct basic computer software

or what ??? i cant understand from blog

any how setup video or anything

thank you

NVIDIA Clara is a computational platform with SDKs and tools to help you build, manage, and deploy AI into medical imaging workflows and instruments. It consists of two major parts: Clara Train SDK and Clara Deploy SDK.

You can find more information here: (including documentation how to integrate Clara into your workflow, what are the requirements and how to do the setup)

As depicted in the Platform Stack figure, Clara can run locally on your GPU (Tesla, Quadro, DGX station) or on the GPUs in the cloud (e.g. DGX1 or DGX2, or any public cloud provider). You don’t have to use all the elements of Clara. Just use the parts of Clara that make most sense for your application! We want to help you augmenting your solution by making it easy to accelerate it on the GPU and provide you tools for AI.

We don’t have a setup video yet, but you can find a setup guide in the documentation.
And here are some additional infos:

dear , nrieke

thank you for your reply

but can i ask too

which software i will need to use clara with our ct and MRI software ?

Clara Train SDK
Clara Deploy

second question

how it work between our ct or mri software and clara gpu … ??

i want ask too about paid training for how setup clara and how use it in nvidia office not online i need full training from a to z ?? can you please tell me how can i take paid training ?

It depends on what you want to do.
Clara Train SDK includes for example tools that help you to develop your AI models (e.g. AI-Assisted Annotation and Transfer Learning). Once you have a trained model and you want to deploy it, you can use Clara Deploy SDK. It will help you to define a multi-staged, container-based pipeline that can integrate into production environments.

There will be a (free) webinar on March 28th:
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last question please

you mean i need to setup Clara Train SDK before Clara Deploy

of can i use Clara Deploy to use AI images like pictures in your site and transfer 2D images to 3D and have more resolution