cross-compilation - drive-t186ref-linux missing


I am trying to cross-compile code for the Drive PX2 after installing the latest SDK “DRIVE OS SDK with Driveworks” offline via the sdkmanager without connection to the PX2. However the required folder drive-t186ref-linux is neither located at $HOME/nvidia/nvidia_sdk/DRIVE/Linux/ nor at $HOME/nvidia/nvidia_sdk/DRIVE/Linux/ nor anywhere else on my host pc. Did they installation fail? Where can I get the required folder from?

Thanks for helping!

Dear ahuef,
May I know if you have selected flashing the board or just installed on Host?

Dear SivaRamaKrishna,

I could solve the issue in the meantime via the log files, but thanks for your help! A corrupt file was the problem.

Dear ahuef,
It is required to select flashing the board in sdkmanager to setup cross compiling setup on host. Then you will be able to see drive-t186ref-linux folder on host. Installing just on host does not install the required cross compilation setup.

Hello sivarama,
I currently have ubuntu 18 installed in my desktop computer, i am trying to cross-compile the samples from driveworks from my PC.
do i need to be on a ubuntu 16 platform to do the cross-compilation on PX2?

Hi @sanjay.varghese,
if you have PX2 platform and you are using Drive OS SDK with DriveWorks you’ve installed it with SDK Manager on your host computer (desktop computer) having ubuntu 16.04 as the documentation declare in system requirements:

only then you can used the installed components to cross compile DW samples.