Cross Compilation issue when using Eigen libraries (eigen3" is unsafe for cross-compilation [-Werror=poison-system-directories])

I have a program that uses Eigen libraries along with driveworks. I am able to compile and run the program on host. I am struggling in cross-compiling it for Drive px2.
My doubts are as follows
Any additional CMake arguments for cross-compilation required when building Eigen on host?
Any changes are required in the Cmakelist of my code to find eigen?
Any additional cmake argument required while cross-compiling my code?

Attached is the Cmakelist with Eigen.CMakeLists.txt (1.3 KB)

Dear @a.a.menezes,
We have not tried Eigen cross compiling. Can you share what are the changes you have tried in CMakefile along with sample code. Let me reproduce it on my machine.

I solved the issue by just ignoring the Poison system directories warnings.
These are the changes you need to make for the CMakelist while compiling for Target.

CMakeLists.txt (1.4 KB)

Dear @a.a.menezes,
We appreciate you for sharing the solution to help the community.