Cross compilation with NSight Eclipse and MMAPI


I am Marco Pedretti and I am working on a project involving:

  • Jetson AGX Xavier
  • CSI camera
  • MMAPI for acquisition (Argus)

I can create a project, cross compile and debug remotely with a mounted root_fs of the target platform IF I don’t use MMAPI (standard cuda application).
But if I try to use the MMAPI such as including Argus stuff, the parser works fine but during cross compilation it fails even when looking for the Argus headers.

I would be very glad if someone can give me any suggestion about this. I tried looking into the forum but I never found anyone cross compiling with MMAPI. Is it possible?

Last but not least, I already used MMAPI for some custom application but I developed directly on the board for this.

Thanks for the attention.


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For cross-compiling tegra_multimedia_api samples. There is guidance in
Please take a look.

Hi DaneLLL,

thanks for your fast answer, I already tried that sample in the past and if I am not wrong, those samples are not involving Argus.
Is there any example for cross-compiling the other samples? I mean those below tegra_multimedia_api/argus/samples.
The samples in the guidance your provided are those below tegra_multimedia_api/samples.

I will absolutely anyway double check and take an another look at those guidelines.