Cross compile gmsl camera module on pegasus

Please provide the following info:
Hardware Platform: [DRIVE AGX Pegasus™ Developer Kit]
Software Version: [DRIVE Software 10]
Host Machine Version: [native Ubuntu 18.04,m x86 architecture]
SDK Manager Version: []

I’m trying out the DriveWorks SDK samples on host at the moment. It works file.
But I noticed the sample that access the gmsl camera on pegasus cannot be compiled on host PC. It reports nvmedia is missing.

  1. any way to do it?

  2. Looks like the nvmedia lib is needed to work with gmsl cameras on pegasus. Is nvmedia avaliable on host PC?

  3. Does host PC need nvidia graphic card?)

  4. From the manual “On Ubuntu rootfs:
    This path is not available on host PC. there is no such folder called drive-t186ref-linux.

  5. pegasus xavier A has IP of Our route is I cannot ping to the xavier A from another PC at But xavier A is listed on the web UI of the router. What’s the issue? Dost the network conflict with pegasus’s own internal network? We cannot login to xavier B on pegasus either when reboot( connect mouse,keyboard monitor to xavier B according to the manual).

What I want is:

  1. develop a small app access gmsl cameras ON THE HOST PC
  2. compile it and run on host
  3. cross comiple it and run on pegasus


Dear @hhll,

  1. GSML sample is supposed to run only on board.
  2. No
  3. Yes. It requires a minimum PASCAL based graphics card. Please check prerequisite section
  4. You can find it inside /path/to/Drivesdk folder.
  5. Could you check network setting in documentation at

Hi, thanks for the reply.
As for network setting in document in the URL, I don’t understand why the host must be set to have IP
Why do I need to do this: “The DHCP server on the host is used to assign the IP address to the target board and the NFS server is used to mount the root file system on the NVIDIA target board using NFS.”

what I need is only to cross compile an app…

We want to have both host PC and pegasus connect to our network at 192.168.0.x as indpendent PC, and access them via ssh from other PC that is connected to the same network…

Another issue, when pegasus is connected to the router, sometimes when reboot, only xavier B’s display is working. seems xavier A never boots… any ideas?

Dear @hhll,

For any sample compilation/cross compilation, please add the sample as DW sample, update Cmake files accordingly and check DW documentation(Section “Building DriveWorks Samples”) for compilation/cross compilation of samples. This should work out of the box.

For accessing board from host you can configure ssh . Are you able to ssh to any other machine in network from both and target? Could you share ifconfig outputs on both target and host. There are couple of threads on issues related to ssh like in forum. Please see if it helps and update us on the issue.

Dear @hhll,
Is the issues got fixed? Can you provide any update?