Cross compile jetson multimedia Api with bazel

I’ve been trying for some time to cross compile a jetson binary from within bazel. What I envision is having a cross compiler that can build arm targets on my host x86 machine. I want to have the jetson multimedia api as a third party dependency and have whatever bazel target i’m trying to compile depend on that. For example, i should be able to copy over an example from /usr/src/jetson_mutlimedia_api/samples to my bazel project on my host machine, add the argus headers, depend on jetson_multimedia so files and then compile.

However, from what i can see, the only places the jetson multimedia api is present is within the jetson image itself. To that end, I took the rootfs image found within the jetson crosscompiler docker container and mounted it as the sysroot for my cross compiler in bazel. Then within my bazel target, I added dependencies and headers where they were needed. I however still get a bunch of other errors and i’m unsure if this is the proper way forward or not.

Any help or advice would be appreciated - i scoured the web and the closest thing i found was compiling tensorRT… which is not what i want to do.

For cross compiling the samples, please look at
Jetson Linux API Reference: Setting Up Cross-Platform Support | NVIDIA Docs

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