Cross-compile TensorRT (trtexec) versions to aarch64


I need to cross compile different TensorRT sample versions from amd64 to aarch64.

Can I use the TensorRT versions on to perform a cross compilation to aarch64?

I tried, but it’s not working, even with the same libraries. I want to know If there is some guide to perform that operation?
If not, where can I find this cross compilation files?

Thank you!


TensorRT is very version sensitive.
It’s recommended to install TensorRT host package directly from the same JetPack installer.
This can make sure the version are exactly the same.



Is there a way to cross compile it?

I need to test different versions of TensorRT. The JetPack installer shows only the latest version.
Is there another way to download different versions for aarch64?



You can find the cross-compiling document here:

Please noticed that there are lots of JetPack version listed on the sdkmanager.
You can choose a version you prefer on the “TARGET OPERATION SYSTEM” block.