Cross-Compiling for DRIVE PX 2: Loading the Sample on the Target Platform


I’m trying to follow the guide “Building DriveWorks Samples” in the DriveWorks 0.3 Development Guide (/usr/local/driveworks-0.3/doc/nvdwx_html/dwx_samples_building.html). Everything has gone well until the last step in section “Automatic Upload (Recommended)”.

The last step

$ make upload

generates this error

make: *** No rule to make target `upload´. Stop.

Can anybody point me in the right direction to what I’m doing wrong? Am I missing a file?

I should also say that I have not been able to find or configure the parameters that configures the upload target that the documentation is mentioning. Probably due to that I can’t find the rule upload. I’ve managed to do the manual upload so there’s no error with the connection between my host computer and the target (DrivePX 2).

The text from the development guide:
Automatic Upload (Recommended)
An upload target is provided as a convenience. Invoking this target uses rsync to sync the builds to a specified location on the device. target is set to depend on building and packaging.

The following parameters configure the upload target:

  • VIBRANTE_HOST : IP address of the board, the default value is
  • VIBRANTE_INSTALL_PATH : destination folder of the compiled products. The default value is /home/nvidia/driveworks.
  • VIBRANTE_USER : Specifies the user that will be used to rsync the binaries. The default value is nvidia
  • VIBRANTE_PASSWORD : Password for VIBRANTE_USER. The default value is nvidia.
  • VIBRANTE_PORT : Port on which ssh is listening on the target board. The default is 22.

To invoke the upload target

  1. Cross-compile the binaries as described in Cross Compiling for DRIVE PX 2
  2. Ensure a valid key-pair exists for the device. The key-pair may be required to establish the initial connection over ssh.
  3. On the Linux system, enter: $ make upload

Hello Mattias_Johansson,

Unfortunately the function is not available in DW 0.3.
Could you please use manual upload manner?
We will fix this symptom upcoming next DriveWorks. Thanks.


I’m using the manual upload when needed but I’m also using the Nsight Eclipse way of uploading and debugging. Works like a charm!

Hello Mattias_Johansson,
Great, than you for your update.