Cross compiling for jetson

isaac sdk is suggesting

Compiling the source code on Jetson itself is not recommended.

why? just because its slower? what are the reasons? i need to know these details because im just learning thanks.

It is usually faster on a PC, but the other reasons might include having less RAM on the Jetson, and some builds take lots of memory. If there isn’t enough RAM, then there would be swapping to disk, and solid state eMMC does have wear issues if used extensively for swap.

A nice trick is to set up the Jetson for development and building of what it is you wish to compile. Then clone this, and mount the clone on the PC for any cross compile linking library (you’d still use the PC’s cross tools, but the content being linked against would come from the clone). FYI, the “sysroot” is what you’d call the clone content when the cross tools use this for system libraries.