Cross-compiling N.E. remote compiling N.E. cross-compiling

Just as the topic says, “cross-compling” is not equivalent to “remote compiling” and vice versa These are two different, only vaguely related workflows.
The misinformation that “cross-compiling” is described and required for a Jetson development environment pervades all the Jetson documentation I’ve viewed. It is very confusing when searching for answers. Those of you who are observant when building the CUDA samples in Nsight Eclipse may have noticed the inconsistency with cross-compiling
I will be opening topics over the coming weeks describing how to set up working Nsight Eclipse Edition development environments for all the samples in the jetson_multimedia_api tree. For now, I’ve just finally accomplished building one of the Argus samples in Eclipse but think I have a handle on the rest.
For those of you curious about cross-compiling, see this topic, which will show you how to set up the QEMU emulator based on your Jetson disk image. WARNING: it’s a long, tedious process that is a dead-end for development unless one is skilled in the use of make and cmake, which I am not.
More soon on remote development using Nsight Eclipse Edition.