CSI-2 ADV7280 on tegra-l4t-r24.2 (kernel 3.10.96) ?

Hi all,

is there aynone who has succefully done capturing from ADV7280 on Jetson TX1?
Board for ADV7280 is their reference design example board (Analog Devices).

Thanks in advance.

I think this thread’s about as far as anyone has gotten. Some carrier board manufacturers can make analog video inputs, I think Auvidea is one of them.

I bought board from them, but there is 0 support.

Our company, AVerMedia Technologies, Inc., specializes in frame grabbers solutions. If you can accept frame grabber in your application, you might use one of the following 2 products to capture NTSC/PAL video. We have verified they work for both TX1 and TK1.

EZMaker USB SDK (C039P)
DarkCrystal SD Capture Mini-PCIe Quad (C351)