CSI Camera 0 Hangs When Trying to Collect an Image with v4l2-ctl

Nevermind on the Orin NX. That was my error*. No hurry, but when you get a chance, I’d still like to know the camera you’ve been using. And I’m still pretty confident that there is some non-operator error issue with my Orin Nano development kit but it’s suddenly a much lower priority though I still hope to get it resolved. Thanks so much for your help so far!

*We’ve been using Seeed A203 carrier boards with Xavier NXs which can be installed directly with sdkmanager. For Orin NXs, Seeed A603 is the carrier board (A203 isn’t compatible) and the A603 acts nearly identical to the A203. I finally figured out that A603 IS NOT flashable from sdkmanager even though almost everything works (display, USB, ethernet, GPIO, …), but apparently not CSI CAM0…

Do you use Xavier NX carrier board on Orin?
Here’s the module link.

Thanks for the link.

No, we use an Orin carrier board on Orin, specifically the Seeed Studio A603:

For Xavier NXs we use the Seeed Studio A203:

The only thing not working now is CAM0 on the Orin Nano Dev Kit which is yet a different carrier board. Since nobody else seems to have my problem I’m guessing a hardware issue per your earlier suggestion.

In the end, the problem with the Orin NX was that I flashed Jetpack using the wrong tool (sdkmanager instead of following Seeed Studio’s instructions for the A603) and the problem with the Orin Nano Dev Kit is possibly a hardware issue.

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